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Hi Greg,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your youtube video on adjusting the water pressure regulator. A gardener raised the pressure at my condo from 45 to 60 because he wanted more pressure for the sprinklers in the backyard. He actually wanted to raise it to 75 or 80, but I wouldn't let him Other than the backyard sprinklers, I have been fine with the water pressure at 45 lbs. I also was concerned about too much pressure causing pinhole leaks in my house. I know 60 lbs is not excessively high, but our condo complex (including my unit) gets a lot of leaks, apparently due to builders skimping on the right grade of copper piping.

So anyway, I decided to bring the pressure back down to about 50. My incorrect assumption was that tightening the bolt clockwise on the valve would lower the pressure. I also didn't realize what the locking nut was for. I had to watch three confusing and even incorrect videos before finding yours. If I lived in your area, I would hire you in a heartbeat! Thanks again.


Greg says: Brian,
Counter clockwise lowers the pressure.


I have a Moen Renzo pullout kitchen faucet in my kitchen, and I want to purchase a countertop dishwasher (strongly considering the Danby DDW611WLED).

My problem is that the countertop dishwasher needs to be connected to the threading of a conventional sink faucet, but my faucet is a rounded pullout faucet with no easily visible means of taking it apart to insert an adapter.

I thought of trying to tap into the hot water source underneath the sink, and somehow split it to run to the faucet and to the dishwasher, but I don't know how to do that and if that's the best way to go about it.

Any advice you have would be most appreciated!

I rent, so I cannot make any major faucet replacement, etc., but I'm thinking that a few minor tweaks (ie: splitting the hot water, or using a faucet adapter of some sort) would be fine.



Greg says: Ben,
Those dishwashers are not designed to do anything except hook to a standard spout. I have seen nothing good from attempting to rig a supply and still allow the drain and safety issues to prevail. Not advised. You are not the first with this question, so I do know your needs, but no...

Thank you so very much for your informative video. I followed the steps just like you said and fixed my air gap issue. No husband needed!!!
Next time I have an issue, your site will be the first one I check. Thank you for saving me time and frustration and $$$.

Greg says: Thanks, indépendance is good, knowledge is power, but good husbands are few..OXOXOX
Your youtube clip on clearing bathtub drains is perfect. The shop vac, once I made sure vac hose had a good seal at drain, did the trick. Thanks!


Greg says: Yes, the wet-vac works well for some things, one must be careful of sucking in too much sewer gas. And re fill the trap after sucking it dry.

My husband and I recently bought our first home. Like a lot of young adults today, we are not experienced in repairing household items. We were trying to avoid spending $300 for a plumber to come out and unclog our toilet. We tried the plunging route since it always worked in the past. Not so much this time. So the Google search began. Your video was the first to pop up. I can say after spending two hours watching instructional videos, yours was by far the best. After watching it a couple times we felt confident enough to go to home depot to by a closet auger. My husband had it cleared in 2 minutes. I can not thank you enough! Not only did you save us $300, you gave us the confidence to pursue other DIY projects. I will definitely use your videos for other projects in the future. Thank you!!



Hi Greg,

Thank you for taking my call the other day.  We talked about repairing a single handle Delta shower faucet.  I mentioned that I had a problem removing the bonnet but was able to remove it using a strap wrench.  A very simple tool, but very useful.  I still am unable to find a replacement bonnet or escutcheon.  I cleaned up the old escutcheon but the gaskets on the back were shot, so I rolled some plumberís putty into a long cylinder and formed it into a gasket.  Seemed to work fineÖthanks for your help.



Ray in Connecticut

I really appreciate the advice you gave me over the telephone and your website. I had a complicated repair and the advice made things much easier. Had I not watched your videos I would not have considered the compression fitting. I had a tight s[pot and the pipe that had been installed did not have any play in it. The compression fitting worked perfectly.


Terry Carlson

Greg says: Great, thanks, I hope to be able to explain how to do any repair some day.

hello, i was trying to search the web for help regarding my bath tub shower issue when i came across of your website and youtube videos...they were interesting but they were not the ones i am looking for that is why i am writing to you directly hoping you could give some advise...

recently my shower head and spout have lose water pressure, water will not even go up to the head now. at the spout it is taking about 10mins to fill out a small pail of water at this time...i checked for leak and there was none

i have opened the shower handle and taken apart the parts - plastic cartridge to see if there as some blockage but nothing i found, with out the cartridge the valve has a high pressure of water flowing both hot and cold. below is the valve info i found in the internet

Delta MultiChoice Universal Tub/Shower Valve Body Rough-In

Item #: 89235    Model #: R10000-IPWS

at this time i am ready to actually replace the valve it self which i know it will be ripping apart my tiles and cutting into the pipes. my bath room was renovated two years ago, pipes and all the bath accessories were all installed new. any help you could suggest would be much appreciated before i go to more drastic measures

thank you - sam


Greg says: Remove the cartridge then turn on the water to the building, or the stops at the valve if you have used them. clean any screens in valve body. Before replacing the body. Call Delta tech support. I would like to use the opportunity to bitch about Delta and all other US companies farming out to China for cheap labor screwing USA! but you really do not need to replace the China crap. Just fix it. I use US made Wolverine Brass valves myself, but what you have can work and should. Call Delta.
Greg.  Just wanted to update you.  I did buy a water pressure gauge with a lazy hand and I put it on the hose spigot outside.  It registered 132 with nothing on the inside on and I left it on there til the next morning.  The lazy hand went as high as 188 ( I think when my boy took a shower) and then the regular hand came down to 124 where it stayed.   I screwed it into the draincock of my hot water heater as you suggested but when i opened it up (it's one of those where you have to put a screw driver into a little slot) it started leaking from that draincock slot area and so i immediately closed it so I wasn't able to test the pressure there at the water heater.  So it seems I have 3 issues:  I need a water regulator, I need an expansion tank, and I have a crossover issue in my opinion at my shower valve.  I want to thank you for all the help and suggestions you gave me.  Thanksss again,  Joe

Joseph Lombardo

Greg says: Joeseph, Get a regulator quick. and an exp. tank. then see if you have cross over. My bet is with that pressure you will have crossover regardless if you have a piping connection. Seriously, get a good regulator too. Wilkins BR4 DU, Honeywell Braukman DSO5 or equal. Not a #600 or a model #70 in Ca. BR4 DU is no longer sold, replaced by NRL3 DU. Call me Tues if questions 760-788-2889.
greg. Thank you for the information.  It's interesting to know about the 3/8 inch check valve.  I'm not sure what my water pressure is.  Yes, I'd read on line that some said that when the water heater overheats that it can cause overflow but my original plumber and the second plumber didn't seem to think that that was a possibility.  I noticed that when I had hot water coming out of my kitchen faucet that when I went to the water heater and felt both lines the cold line is was hot and so I mentioned this to the plumbers.   One thing you'd mentioned and I had heard it before is that if one doesn't use a valve that it can lead to crossover.  The valve in bathroom number 2 hasn't been used because I had to have some work done on the shower and so I was thinking that that was a possibility for the crossover but I just couldn't understand how the second plumber proved it.  Thanks again, Joe.  I know you're down in southern california.  How far North do you go to do work?  Thank you again.

joseph lombardo

Greg says: You have crossover issues, the wter heater does not need to over heat to cause thermal expansion, everytime it works it causes thermal expansion. (physics) . A thermal expansion tank can be installed on a washing machine hose from the drain of the wtr. htr. Put 80 psi of air on it.

Hello.  I've seen some of your videos on youtube and have enjoyed them.  I wanted to ask you your opinion on something since I feel you will be objective.  I have had a crossover problem where hot water is coming out from cold water taps.  The hot water taps work correct.  I closed all the lines to my single handle faucet taps (except for one where the lines couldn't be closed) to see if I could figure out which one was letting the hot water crossover to the cold water side.  And I also closed off my lines to my clothes washer.  The plumber I've used for years put in a new cartridge in one of my showers (shower #1) which was dripping and he felt around inside the housing (when the cartridge was out) and said he didn't feel any cracks or gouges so he didnt' think that the crossover was happening in that valve.  My leak did go away but the crossover problem continued.  My plumber has always done excellent work for me for years but for personal reasons I have decided not to use him anymore.  So I had all my water lines turned off to all faucets except for the one to my kitchen faucet and one bathroom sink and the problem still continued.  When the water came hot out of my kitchen faucet and that one sink I'd reach underneath and feel both lines into each but the hot water side was cool and the cold water side was hot.  So I had a new plumber come out since I figured it was either my other shower (shower #2), or that one sink i couldn't close or possibly the hot water heater.  This plumber said that it's my shower valve in my shower #2 and that the entire housing needs to be replaced but my wife said he didn't turn off the water when he checked so I'm wondering how could he know that for sure?  Without taking out the cartridge how could he know for sure that it's not just that the cartridge needs to be replaced?  I don't mind paying to replace the entire housing if that's what needs to be done but don't want to pay to do that if only the cartridge needs to be replaced.  Also, I had another plumber tell me that if the cartridge is plastic then it could never be responsible for crossover.  My original plumber says that that's not true.  Can you tell me what your opinion is on this?  Thank you.  Joe 

joe lombardo

Greg says: Joe, true, the Moen plastic Cart is better than the old Brass one, but will still crossover. The China Mfgr. spinoffs will cross over easier too. They leak. When Single Handle faucets are used you can install a 3/8" check valve in the cold side of the supply tube. All cartridges should be replaces using OEM Moen Magnun only! Also Circulator pumps can cause crossover as can ASSE 1017, 1070 rated Mixing valves. High pressure from thermal expansion will cause crossover too. Are you on Well water or city water? what is the pressure?


There's a "thumping" noise in my pipes that occurs twice when I flush the toilet.  A somewhat muted noise occurs within 3-5 seconds immediately after flushing and a louder noise occurs when the tank refill is done.  I have tried to troubleshhot this problem (occurs with all three toilets) including draining the plumbing and replacing the refill valves, but to no avail.  Could there be some other possible solution?  Appreciate your advice.  Thanks.


Greg says: You have lose pipes that are banging from velocity caused by high pressure. You need to get a pressure test gauge and check your pressure. Pressure needs to be below 80 psi. The lose pipes will most likely still down after that. Sometimes surge arrestors are needed at angle stops. "Sioux Chief "makes a great unit that screws on at the stop. See the video on water pressure, Get back to me on what your pressure is. Another possibility is you have air in pipes, if you do it needs to be flushed out. Open farthest cold faucet and run till all air is purged.
Ramona's Plumber,
This comment is about no hot water in bathtub with a Moen faucet. Before doing any repair I have found on Moen's bathtub fixtures can be sometimes restored just by pumping the handle very fast in the hot water position. On both of my tubs I have broke them loose by pumping the handle 30 or forty times til it breaks loose and gives hot water.
Here in Arizona not using the hot water in summer, i always have to do this in fall to get my hot water. Always works on mine and worth trying before repair.
Hope it works for you.

jeffrey wilkey

Greg says: I have lived in Az. And I have done that, yes it is worth a try. I am glad you gave me an opportunity to post this. Thanks, good point.
Greg Chick

Our dishwasher stopped draining one day, and I puttered around online looking for advice. The motor spun, but the water was not going out. The drain did not feel or look like fluid was passing through it. I ended up taking apart the entire inside of my dishwasher, cleaning it out, and putting it all back together again, just to see it still not drain.

Then I saw one of your videos on YouTube talking about the airgap and how to clean it. I pulled ours apart and was pretty grossed out by what I saw inside. I pulled out what was on top and used your paper-towel tube technique to blow out the blockage. I hit "Drain" on the dishwasher and water shot up out of the airgap. Whoops! Too hasty, but I at least knew the blockage was gone.

Everything is working fine now and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your well done video and that it helped me out when I needed it.



Greg says: Nicholas,
Yes the ceiling can get wet, but all is well that ends well. More videos exist for better use of more Plumbing fixtures, subscribe and get them as we post them . We are free (spam too), have a Tip jar on DIY site. Click on those ads so Google pays us too.
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for your video on how to clear a dishwasher air gap. I used a roll of paper towel just as you advised and popped something loose immediately. Funny that water never drained from the air gap, but I'm hoping that was the problem with my brand new machine.

Wish I'd looked at your video before I went through the hassle of removing the machine from under the counter! But then, I'm a little slow sometimes.

Diane G

Greg says: Hind sight is 20/20, I got 35 plus yrs. of hind sight, if I can spread it around I am glad. I wish I could help a million people a month. If they watched I could. tell a fiend or Face Book Post.

Any Advice as to where to get a tube of Slick-N-Slide. I tried Google-ing and no luck! Thanks so much!

Michele Heaton

Greg says: Wolverine Brass in Conway SC. 1 800-944-9292 Over 100 yr. old Company still in same place America.
Thank you so much for talking with me today and for your videos...VERY helpful. I look forward in working with you and getting your name out through my social mediums. It feels so good when you find a reputable professional such as yourself. Keep up the GREAT work!

Oh and by the way, LOVE your "Tip Jar" idea. =)


Thank you very much for your youtube video on how to repair a single valve for the shower. This was exactly what I needed, for less than $30 and 20 minutes the problem was fixed. It took more time to cut the water off outside than anything. YOUR PRICELESS!

Big Lady

Would like to discuss more with you about the planning groups' one-sided representation regarding Sol Orchard's solar farm. I was designing and installing solar hot water systems after the first Arab Oil Embargoes of the 1970's. I believe that every person has a natural right to the use of the sunlight which lands on their own property.
I'm at or follow my gmail. Thanks for speaking up for a sensible energy future.

Daniel Wise

Greg says: For sure, thanks, I am all in favor of the World looking at the reasonable adapting of Solar Power both Thermal and PV (Electric). My point is if you add up all gas stations and structure needed for existing status quo. you will have more expense than what would be needed to go Solar !
Seriously think about it.


We were looking online for tips on how to fix our problem with our air gap and alot of the blogs were scary with stories of plumbers coming out and having to do costly repairs.

Watched your 5 minute video and now my plumbing tool-of-choice is the roll of paper towels!!

We clean our dishes thoroughly before putting them into the dishwasher, but apparently something had gotten lodged and when we blew it out, viola!  No more water comes out into the sink!!! Can't thank you enough for sharing your practical wisdom and presenting it so well on your video! 

Although we are a bit of a distance from you, we will certainly consider you as our first option in the future for significant plumbing repairs.

Thank you!



Greg says: It is my pleasure to save you. Just remember sometimes you need a professional, and chose them well by finding an Accredited Green Plumber.


I was googling info on what is a dishwasher air gap and your site amongst others came up. I watched you in one of your videos demonstrating maintaining a dishwasher air gap. It was very informative and enjoyable to watch. Thank you for all of your wisdom and knowledge.



Mr. Chick, thank you for your youtube demonstration on using the augur.† I can use my bathroom again. - James, Hoboken, NJ


Greg says: My pleasure, I am into results and a better World. A Tip Jar exists in my Website?

It was great talking to you today. I am impressed by your website and the business you have grown both in the Ramona area and nationwide. I emailed you the information about advertising on our online OrangeBook website at It is a website focused solely on the Ramona area with local news, information and businesses. In addition, the OrangeBook has a website design division that builds flash animated websites with unlimited updates at a very low cost. You can see some of our websites and pricing at

I wish you continued success and look forward to speaking futher.

Amanda Brown


Amanda Brown, OrangeBook

Greg says: Amanda,
I can say that my advertising with your publication was a real return on investment, probably the best advertising dollars I spent in my 35 yrs. as a Contractor I will be back as soon as I am charging for my videos on my site and want to do business with the market . I wish all advertising was as effective as yours, if it was starting a new business would be so much easier.

Once again please quote me to prospective customers, your company has been a real pleasure to work with.

Greg Chick, Ramona's Plumber. 760-788-2889,

Greg, Another job well done! The new fixtures in the shower/tub work great and I'm saving precious H2O! Quality parts and†quality labor†= customer satisfaction!

I can honestly say that you will always be the first plumber I call. Sometimes I don't have to call because I watch your videos and take care of the issue myself :-)


Bruce Lane

Greg, I am so sad to now report that my toilet started†running again, although not as much it seems.† (Read my previous comment please).† When the water fills up into the tank, it is safely below the top of the overflow tube.† So now, what could it possibly be?† Sorry to bother you, but would really appeciate further advise..†† Thx so much.



Greg says: We need a dye test, flapper could be leaking, the other tube could ALSO have been siphioning into bowl.

You absolutely saved me a big headache and probably a lot of money.  My toilet was filling up periodically, so I replaced the flapper.  I am a 65 year old woman without any help so I did that on my own.  (rather proud as I normally can't figure out how to get a toothpick out of a dispenser in some restaurants.)  It still leaked, so I thought more expenses lay ahead.  Then I read your article telling us that it could be the black tube going into the overflow tube.  Sure enough, mine was pushed way down into the overflow tube.  I adjusted it and now it is quiet as a mouse!  So simple!  I can't thank you enough and I know the Lord will bless you as you bless others.


I would like to thank Greg for his You Tube video†on how to†fix†a kitchen sink air gap..†† We had water all over the sink after running the dishwasher tonight (which we rarely use).† We first thought†the problem was with the dishwasher not draining properly.†† But after cleaning out the hose to the air gap like Greg explained the problem was solved.††We were so happy we didn't have to call a plumber to fix it.†† We have our first grandchild coming soon and we know this savings will help us with the little one.†† Greg thank you so much for taking the time to teach homeowners a little about plumbing.††PS,†and next time we will have†the holes on the air gap facing tward the sink to catch the water if water happens to come out of the air gap again.† † If you are ever in Tacoma†Wa.† I owe you a dinner.††† Mr. Spencer† USMC vet.

Marv Spenc

Help!! trying to reach you...can't find anyone who can figure out how to install my horse waterers (standard) and make them not leak. In all of Ramona, there must be someone, but I can't find them, and after two handyman (failed) tries, I would very much appreciate your expertise, as this is beyond me to fix. They are leaking like a sieve. I don't want anyone else fooling with my plumbing; can you please help me? Everything you have ever done on my house works like a charm, after many years. Must thank you again for that.
By the way you have a fantastic website. Also you are not listed in 411 directory


Greg says: I will E you now.

You're a Genius!!† I followed your wonderful instructions to fix the air gap for my dishwasher that was leaking at counter level.† You are amazing!† I tried paper towel method but couldn't get a good seal on the gap, so I moved on to my mini shop vac.† The hose was too small to fit around it! lol.† No problem though.† I just put both hands around†the hose†and the air gap tightly and I heard whatever it was break loose!† Yay!† I then ran the hot water through for a bit.† Now running my dishwasher and all is well at my house again.

Thank you, Thank you for you information.† You style of instruction is so appreciated.†

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year with all of God's Blessings to you and yours.




I've had issues with my dishwasher waste water recently. It's been exiting the system through my air gap and as a result, most of it ends up on my counter top. I bought a new air gap, tried to clear the hoses leading into it, and looked online to make sure I put it in correctly. After installing it myself I noticed the system was still exiting the water through the air gap. I couldn't find any suggestions online - until I found your video. You suggested I check the hose exit at the garbage disposal. Packed with gunk I pinkied it out and am waiting to see if this keeps water from having to leave out the air gap. I'm confident I will FINALLY have a solution that works..... Here we go....yep! the dishwasher just dumped the water out directly into the disposal instead of the air gap. Thanks for your video and excellent, I'm sure thankless, help!


Your YouTube video on dishwasher sink vent was right on.
Fixed the problem
Thanks Again.
Bob from Michigan

Bob Basinger

I've had issues with my dishwasher waste water recently. It's been exiting the system through my air gap and as a result, most of it ends up on my counter top. I bought a new air gap, tried to clear the hoses leading into it, and looked online to make sure I put it in correctly. After installing it myself I noticed the system was still exiting the water through the air gap. I couldn't find any suggestions online - until I found your video. You suggested I check the hose exit at the garbage disposal. Packed with gunk I pinkied it out and am waiting to see if this keeps water from having to leave out the air gap. I'm confident I will FINALLY have a solution that works..... Here we go....yep! the dishwasher just dumped the water out directly into the disposal instead of the air gap. Thanks for your video and excellent, I'm sure thankless, help!


I've had issues with my dishwasher waste water recently. It's been exiting the system through my air gap and as a result, most of it ends up on my counter top. I bought a new air gap, tried to clear the hoses leading into it, and looked online to make sure I put it in correctly. After installing it myself I noticed the system was still exiting the water through the air gap. I couldn't find any suggestions online - until I found your video. You suggested I check the hose exit at the garbage disposal. Packed with gunk I pinkied it out and am waiting to see if this keeps water from having to leave out the air gap. I'm confident I will FINALLY have a solution that works..... Here we go....yep! the dishwasher just dumped the water out directly into the disposal instead of the air gap. Thanks for your video and excellent, I'm sure thankless, help!


Finally stumbled upon your video on how to use a shop vac to clear a slow drain.†† Wish I had seen this 24 hours ago.† Many thanks.† I had a my 12 year old son and his friend watch it.††Your information will be useful for generations to come.†

Marty Wood

Greg says: Subscribe and get more life long assistance for free. We are here to develope our training skills and make the world a better place.
I watched your toilet auger video on YouTube. It helped very much to see how the auger is used. I was able to pull out of my toilet a 6 inch toothbrush that had fallen in a few weeks ago. I saw something yellow flush down the bowl when I emptied out dirty water from a floor washing bucket. From then on, there was an intermittent blockage. I used the auger three times and the flow was better but not back to usual. I did it a couple more times and did the rotations with it and lo and behold there was a hint of a yellow shadow. I was surprised to see it was a toothbrush, I had thought it was a bottle top of some kind. Thank you for your video. Home repair projects are not my forte, but this one went went fairly smoothly. Thank you for your video. It was really helpful to see the fine points (such as the rotations and moving the auger down) demonstrated.

Lucille Damasauskas

Greg says: Lucille
That is what we are here for. Tell a friend!

Have a great birthday. Hope we can celebrate soon.
best wishes.
Stewart & Patty

Stewart & Patty

Where can I buy a drip pan for a stackable washer & dryer?† I need it by Aug 2, 2010.
Thank you,


Karon Richards

Greg says: You should be able to find what you want at the home center. Be sure not to get a pan for a water heater (which will be round). You need one for a washer specifically (which will be square).

I had the best comment on your website†yesterday regarding our conversation†about†your†informative and embracing insight to my air gap to disposl dilema. It was however lost in cyberspace (operator error no doubt).

Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom and humor with me. Your passion is infectious.

You called to follow up but I was under the†sink perfecting your wisdom!



I just spent the 45 minutes watching your videos on You Tube.† It was the best 45 minutes I've spent.† Your tips have already identified 7'al problems that I have with my toilets and drains, and your solutions are simple, and appear to be effective.† I never knew that a closet auger existed!† I'm making a stop at Home Depot to pick one up (along with 4 wax do nut gaskets, a gallon of vinegar, a bottle of copper sulfate, and Slick-N-Slide lubricant).† Also, I suspect roots at the drain flange.† Heck - I'm starting to talk like a plumber!† Thanks for your excellent DIY videos.† If I run into a 30 foot root, I'll call you in to land that monster!

Very best regards,


Fred Zustak

Greg says: Thanks, if you pull the toilets, I assume it is to find if they have roots ? Try the vinegar first. Pulling a toilet is disruptive to the flange and the tank to bowl gasket, as well as the angle stop at the wall. Silicone paste will not be found easily. Teflon "grease" and silicone are usually at pool supply stores, sold as lubricant for O-rings. If you have a good flushing toilet you don't need an auger! But an auger is better than some other options. A great flushing toilet is best, but $$$$

I searched YouTube for instuctions on cleaning and maintaining the ballcock fill valve on a toilet and your posting was the ONLY clear and concise video that addressed my problem.  Thank You!

John Leo

I needed help with a commode and†faucet,†both leaking very signicant†amounts of water during this time of water conservation. Greg responded and corrected both problems, using the time as a 'teachable moment' to explain factors that led to the conditions being corrected. He was able to correct a third problem with my†Son-In-Law's master bath. (We occupy a Grannie Flat at our Daughter's home.)

Greg Chick is the most erudite, professionally qualified†tradesman I've encountered in decades. He's a great guy, too. I'll use him whenever the need arises, and recommend him without hesitation.

Thanks†again, Greg.
Jerry Chadd†††

G. L.

Greg says: Jerry
Thanks, if you would like to "subscribe" to new additions I post on my site, I would welcome your input on the new postings. "It takes one to know one" and your objective professional view might just improve my presentation of the trade I so love. This site is in Beta mode. The subscribe spot is on the site.

I can't believe I just watched a podcast on how to unblock a toilet. Plumber podcasts - go figure! It was actually very good, and I enjoyed it.

I can't believe I enjoyed a podcast on how to............



Everyone should have a few key professional tradesmen†that they can trust and depend on. A trusty auto mechanic is certainly one, the other is a plumber. Greg is the man when it comes to your plumbing needs. Straight forward and honest. You know the cost up front and you know that the repairs will be made with quality products. Have it done right the first time with quality material and workmanship. Do yourself a favor, call Greg if you have any plumbing needs.

Bruce Lane

Greg says: Bruce
Thank you, I live to exceed, excell, and win at what I do. My father said "if you cant do the best, leave it alone"

I seldom endorse anyone because I find very few companies that can live up to my expectations of being exceptional. This is one of those rare times when I can honestly say that Ramona's Plumber is exceptional. Competitive prices, reliable quick response, thorough knowledge and great workmanship. Keep up the good work.

S Stevens

Greg says: Mr.Stevens
Thank you, for your recognition of my obsession with excellence. I use excellence as a coping skill to deal with a less than ideal world.

Thanks for all your help Greg. You answered all my questions thoroughly and pointed me in the right direction. You gave me your honest opinion based on your years of experience. You made my search for a kitchen faucet and new toilet very easy. What more can I say. Greg, you're simply the best.


P.S. I really enjoy watching your videos on Youtube. They're very helpful and informative. I encourage you to keep making the videos.


Greg says: I take that as a great complement, you're a pro yourself.

Greg's website is great, you need to click on some of the frequently unanswered questions (FUQ's) to see all of the free information Greg provides.  It doesn't stop there either, I called Greg and discussed my problem with him.  I was thinking I needed a main sewer line camera to check my pipes, but he convienced me to take the problem one step at a time and get my main line snaked first (I didn't know cameras don't work in flooded lines).  As Greg does not do main line snaking, he even recommended a couple of other local plumbers.  Next time I need ANY plumber services I will definately call Greg, hopefully he will be able to help me directly next time!

steve martin

Hi Greg, I went to your site to see if you had the answer to this question..It's a fun site to cruise around in.. I just listened to the mysterious vibrating pipes story...funny! Reminded me of stuff that happened when I was installing phones.

Ok...the question.† What's the best remedy for a slow shower drain?† In 10 years I've not had a problem, but in recent weeks it has been draining slow...not quite ankle bone deep by the end of the shower and it drains in a few minutes.† Draino? Liquid Plumber? Your secret recipe?
Good call in writing out Frequently Unasked Questions instead of the acronym :-D

Mindy S.

Greg says: You have two options shop vac or auger.
A shop vac: take the grill off the drain and use a shop vac with a two inch hose, and stick the hose into the drain and turn it on. Be prepared, it's going to be a smelly operation as the shop vac will also pull some sewer gas up at the same time.
Auger: The official was would be to use a closet auger. Take the grill off the drain, put the auger down and use the auger to pull out the clog - which is almost guaranteed to be hair and slim. If you don't have an auger, you can use a coat hanger. Make a J hook at the end stick it down there and twist and pull. Out comes the clog.

Greg,† I cannot thank you enough for all your help with older Delta shower/tub valve.† I have the pull-up and twist to adjust the temperature type valve. Wanted to know if it was worth saving during shower remodel.† You gave the straight scoop in about† a 15 minute conversation, as apposed to the 10 hours of internet surfing I had done no avail!!!† My new shower installation will be 600-700 dollars less because of your information!†

Thanks again.† Your local plumbing novice...

L. Bailey at Greene Acres.

Thanks for the great info you have put together on this web site, your providing a wonderful service.

Quick question, I want to put a 'low flow' toilet in at my house. Home Depot has four of them and I want to get the best quality. Should I get an American Standard or a Kohler? Or is there a better toilet out there?

Thanks again.


Greg says: Toto is the leader in toilets, they even make the Japanese design in America. I think Dixieline sells Toto I sell/install Toto exclusively.

Note. I see a plunger next to "other brand" toilets in the bathrooms of wholesale houses that don't use Toto toilets in the building. I have never seen a plunger next to a Toto.

I wanted to say how much I appreciated your talking me through a leak repair a little while ago!

A solder joint in one of my pipes had cracked and was leaking. I'm a pretty handy guy, but I wasn't sure if I would do it right. I sent you a picture of the joint and you talked me through it all, including a step or two I might not have gotten right. I'm sure you saved me at least $150 for not having to have someone come out and do it, and who knows how much for not having an improper DIY job go bad.


B. P.

Dearest Plumbing Evangelist!

I hope this finds you well and happy!

I saw this today in a daily ďemail columnĒ I receive Ö and it made me think about your admonition about lemons in garbage disposers! I wonder if itís the same thing.

"Squeaky Clean. Clean the inside of your dishwasher with two packets of unsweetened lemon Kool-Aid. Pour the packets of Kool-Aid into each of the dishwasher's detergent cups and run it empty on the longest and hottest cycle available. Lemon Kook-Aid is loaded with citric acid, just was you need to remove soap residue and hard water minerals that collect inside the dishwasher"

[Note from Greg: No, itís not something I would do or suggest. Itís a weak, pretty-smelling attempt to clean/descale an appliance. Vinegar is tested in labs, I doubt kool aid is. I doubt an engineering firm would spec it, they do spec vinegar.]

Also, by the way Ö you installed a dishwasher for us in November (it was a bear getting the old one out, and the new one in), and you told me that even the cheapest dishwasher can be made quiet for almost no cost, and that the cleaning ability is about the same for most machines (need 2 arms, though).

I ended up buying one of the most basic models at the Sears store in Ramona and you put it in for us. You did install the soundproofing, and you were right Ö it really does a great job keeping the noise down.

But I wanted to let you know two things: 1) the soundproofing material (foam) is visible when looking at the front of the machine, and I wouldnít go that way again because it looks pretty tacky, and 2) the machine itself is really not that great Ö I guess you really do get what you pay for, and I didnít pay much. So Iíll be looking to replace that machine sooner than later and I know that will give you a headache because it took you considerable effort to get it in. Iím thinking maybe Iíll look for a much higher-end machine, maybe even a used one if somebody is upgrading or something Ö and I also made a mistake not getting stainless, so Iíll be smarter next time also. We need to start replacing all of our appliances and so I really jumped the gun on the dishwasher.

Greg, this note is not meant as a complaint Ö I only want to provide feedback, because youíre so good about taking in and passing along information to your clients, and I would want your other clients to know itís probably not a good idea to get a really inexpensive dishwasher Ö or at least not the inexpensive Sears brand.

Hope to see you soon and that the music festival is coming along well. I saw some ads in the paper and although I have to be in the east for a couple of weeks for a client, Iím hoping to re-arrange my schedule to be able to make it.

Till then, take care.

Nancy (Schaefer) Richards

I took a look at your website and enjoyed your FUQís. This is great! You should set up some sort of customer survey and ask questions that you would like answered. (i.e.- where you satisfied with the job? Was the job done to your satisfaction? Would you consider using us in the future? ) I love the explanations of the FUQís! They are things that really make you think!

Thank you very much & Best Regards,

M. C.