Greg's Real Life Plumbing Stories

Nobody ever said plumbing was dull. Listen to real life stories from Greg. You never know what you will find when you go to someone's house - here's proof!

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Chickens and Dried Fish: A Plumber's Adventure 

Not everyone keeps chickens in a hen house, or dries their fish where you might expect. Folks from different cultures can be, well, different!

Greg describes some unusual chicken lodging and an adventure to reach the area under one home's sink.

The Hydrogen Bomb 

No, not that kind of hydrogen bomb! But, how did the same gas that blew up the Hindenberg end up in the pipes?

The Rat in La Jolla 

Greg enounters a rat, and learns the true definition of "hideous!"

A Kilo of Pot 

Greg tells a short story about a story about what's under the bathroom sink!

The Clairmont Mesa Shower Drain

A story about what happens when water comes UP the shower drain instead of down!


A story about a customer he refers to as simply "J-19." What some people will do for attention.

The Case of the Vibrating Pipes

A short story about a customer with a mysterious vibrating pipe issue. It stumped other plumbers, but not Ramona's Plumber!

Podcast intro Music courtesy of Jon Hasz - Ramona Music Center